Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Close Yatedo: Soon more direct action from the European Community!

2011 is going to be an important year in terms of privacy, as the EU is starting to revise and improve the available privacy laws and regulations. What is important is the increased control that is going to be granted to citizens for deleting private data (including photos) from the Internet.

These new laws will require companies, such as Yatedo, to get users' permission before using their uploaded content. Moreover, if they are not respecting users' privacy, severe penalties are going to be enacted. EC also wants businesses to inform consumers about what information is collected, for what reasons, how long it is held, and what their rights are if they want to access, rectify, or delete their data.

"To guarantee this right, we need clear and consistent data protection rules. We also need to bring our laws up to date with the challenges raised by new technologies and globalisation," Viviane Reding, EU justice minister said. The EC plans to synchronise legislation across all 27 members of the EU, cutting the red tape for businesses and law enforcement. A revised EU privacy directive is scheduled to go into effect in 2011, after a period of public consultation through the EC's website in January.

We are looking forward to these improvements that are going to be useful for our fight against Yatedo!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yatedo is illegal even as mere search engine!

Probably Yatedo is not even aware, but there are specific laws and regulations that apply to Search Engines. In fact, the European Commission have established since 2008 "a clear set of responsibilities" on search engine companies regarding their handling of user data. The opinion, issued by the Article 29 Working Group, states that the European Union Data Protection Directive requires search engines to "delete or irreversibly anonymise personal data once they no longer serve the specified and legitimate purpose" for which they were collected. The opinion further holds that European privacy laws generally apply to search engines "even when their headquarters are outside [Europe]," and requires that search engines must delete personal data within six months of collection.

Yatedo is breaching these rules: they are saving personal data without anonymisation and they do not even think of deleting it within six months! They have gathered your information without your consent and if you check the information out you will notice that it has been gathered over an year ago. So they are not respecting even this laws!
Yatedo is illegal!
Do not subscribe if you want to preserve your privacy and that of your network!
Write today to the national and international bodies that can protect you Let's close Yatedo down!

Monday, October 25, 2010

What CAN (and SOULD) you do in the UK?

After contacting CNIL, the French Authodity for Data Protection as Yatedo is allegedly based in France, contact the UK Information Commissioner's Office. Describe your problems with Yatedo and ask for their action.

The Information Commissioner’s Office is the UK’s independent authority set up to uphold information rights in the public interest, promoting openness by public bodies and data privacy for individuals.

You can find many useful informations on their web site: http://www.ico.gov.uk/
If you want to make a complaint online start from this page: http://www.ico.gov.uk/complaints.aspx
For contacting them you have the following options:

0303 123 1113 open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Enquire about notification
If you would like to ask about the obligation to notify under the Data Protection Act send an email to the Notification Team at notification@ico.gsi.gov.uk

Advice about the law
If you would like to ask about the legislation covered by the ICO, or to report a breach of security, contact the First Contact Team at casework@ico.gsi.gov.uk

Request for information
If you would like to request information held by the ICO in its capacity as a public authority, or request information about you that is held by the ICO, contact the Internal Compliance Team at internalcompliancedept@ico.gsi.gov.uk
Got an ongoing case?
If you have an ongoing case with the ICO and would like to send further information send an email to casework@ico.gsi.gov.uk.

Address (head office)
Information Commissioner's Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane
Cheshire SK9 5AF
View Google Map
Tel: 0303 123 1113
Fax: 01625 524510
Regional offices
In addition to the head office in Wilmslow, there are also offices in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Send notification forms to the Wilmslow office, not the regional offices.
Information Commissioner's Office – Scotland
93 - 95 Hanover Street
Edinburgh EH2 1DJ
Tel: 0131 301 5071
Fax: 0131 301 5069
Email: scotland@ico.gsi.gov.uk

Information Commissioner's Office – Wales
Cambrian Buildings
Mount Stuart Square
Cardiff CF10 5FL
Tel: 029 2044 8044
Fax: 029 2044 8045
Email: wales@ico.gsi.gov.uk

Northern Ireland
Information Commissioner's Office – Northern Ireland
51 Adelaide Street
Belfast, BT2 8FE
Tel: 028 9026 9380
Fax: 028 9026 9388
Email: ni@ico.gsi.gov.uk
Remember: DO NOT SUBSCRIBE hoping to cancel your profile! This is just a scam to get other information about you and your contacts!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yatedo's copyright breach

A new debate is forming in the USA regarding online copyrights. In brief, the discussion focuses on the right of having links to news articles posted outside the original website, especially on blogs (more details about the facts can be found here). It seems that the original copyrights' owners can oblige the bloggers to pay a settlement or confront them in court.
The practice of suing bloggers has been condemned by Democratic Underground that decided to fight against it with the help of Electronic Frontier Foundation. The matter is not yet settled, but we are curious how it will turn out.
Although we consider that posting links is not against the copyrights of the authors (as it might increase the traffic to the original article), what really is a copyright breach is copying the articles, saving them outside the reach of the author and presenting them publicly. And this is just what Yatedo is doing. If you have a blog or have writen online articles, check out your Yatedo profile to see if they are presenting these articles.
Often they have copied the materials found online and re-published them on their site. This is an outrageous breach of copyright and would give you (the author of the texts) the right to pursue charges legally against Yatedo. If you find your articles on Yatedo and you do not want to have them there, write to Yatedo requesting removal and indicating that their practices are against the law.

Check out your Yatedo profile but DO NOT SUBSCRIBE! As already indicated in several of our posts, when subscribing Yatedo they request other passwords from you in order to "verify" that you are the person you claim you are. The fact is that they get access to even more of your information and even information from your network!
By not subscribing, you do not allow them to update their information and extend their database, thus, in time, it will become obsolete.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What CAN (and SHOULD) you do in Germany?

If you are a German national and are worried about Yatedo abusing your data, you should contact the French Privacy Authority (CNIL - see related articles) and the German Authority.
Here are the details for the German Privacy Authority:

Der Bundesbeauftragte für den Datenschutz und die Informationsfreiheit
Husarenstraße 30 | D-53117 Bonn | Tel.: +49 (0)22899-7799-0
Fax: +49 (0)22899-7799-550
E-Mail: poststelle@bfdi.bund.de 
Internet: http://www.datenschutz.bund.de/

Anybody can contact them to indicate Data Privacy issues and request support. So start writing about your experience with Yatedo and how they are treating your private data.
Also, on their web site http://www.datenschutz.bund.de/ you can access a forum where you can discuss privacy information issues as well as more sources of Privacy information.

Remember: do not subscribe to YATEDO hoping to be able to delete your profile! They are a fraud and are only going to steal more information about you and your friends!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Facebook acknowledges privacy problems, makes you imagine the worst for Yatedo

Monday, the 18th of October 2010, Facebook publicly discussed problems with handling user information. It seems that the company had recently learned that several applications were passing a piece of data known as a user ID to outside companies in a way that violated its privacy policy. User IDs are unique numbers assigned to Facebook members that are used by Facebook and its applications to identify them. The applications on Facebook, including games like FarmVille and Mafia Wars, are transmitting user IDs to third parties. Three of those applications were also transmitting information about a user's friends.

Just imagine than what Yatedo can do with your illegally obtained information. Not only they have saved your profile information without you agreeing on it, but they also can do whatever they want with your information!

Act now against Yatedo's privacy abuse! Write to the French Privacy authority (CNIL) and your national privacy authority describing your problem and experience with Yatedo. They can act against Yatedo now and protect your information!

Do not subscribe to Yatedo and instruct your friends not to subscribe, otherwise your information can still be stolen if linked with them! By not subscribing, you are making sure that, in time, their information becomes obsolete and that Yatedo will be closed by "old age".

Friday, October 15, 2010

Privacy is important!

The European Commission is very serious regarding privacy rights. In fact, the 30th of September it has sued the UK for not fully implementing EU rules on the confidentiality of electronic communications such as e-mail or internet browsing.
The claims against UK are the following:
  • there is no independent national authority to supervise the interception of some communications, although the establishment of such authority is required under the ePrivacy and Data Protection Directives, in particular to hear complaints regarding interception of communications
  • current UK law authorises interception of communications not only where the persons concerned have consented to interception but also when the person intercepting the communications has ‘reasonable grounds for believing’ that consent to do so has been given. These UK provisions do not comply with EU rules defining consent as “freely given, specific and informed indication of a person’s wishes”
  • current UK law prohibiting and providing sanctions in case of unlawful interception are limited to ‘intentional’ interception only, whereas EU law requires Members States to prohibit and to ensure sanctions against any unlawful interception regardless of whether committed intentionally or not. (Citation from here.)
This is the right attention to give to privacy issues. We are sure that when Yatedo comes to the commission's attention it will be closed.
All of you that are concearned about their own privacy, contact the European entities as indicated in our other posts. Indicate Yatedo to them as a privacy breaching company, and describe your experience with them, the fact that they refuse to cancell your profiles and private data, etc.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

More to come against Yatedo

After yesterday's good news, we are expecting also movement at European level.
In fact, the European Commission has announced some months ago its intention to review and modify Data Protection and Privacy laws and rights in order to update them to the state of the art technology.
The European Commissioner Viviane Reding said the new rules should encourage companies to take privacy issues into account from the beginning of a new technology's development cycle, a concept she called "privacy by design".
This means, of course, that young start-up's will need to comply to these regulations even if they are in beta format... alas, they should not function while breaching privacy laws!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Soon Yatedo might be closed :)

France is moving towards more privacy with legislative measures. After an year of hard work, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet (a french politician) has presented interesting results for Internet users the 13th October, during the signing of a juridical act by various representatives of social networks, blogs, search engines, association, and so on.
One of the measure in this juridical act indicates that search engines (the case of Yatedo) should commit themselves not to reference data that have been requested to be deleted or that are in private "personal environments".
This is exactly what Yatedo has been denying:
1- they are not deleting profiles under request and
2. they are still presenting information that is no longer public.
Both this actions are against this specific new juridical act.
We at the Close Yatedo community would like to thank Miss Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet for her efforts for our privacy!
Here is the citation of the news in french press:
Consciente de la fragilisation du respect de la vie privée sur Internet, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet a mobilisé, depuis le mois de novembre dernier, l’ensemble des acteurs concernés autour de la mise en place d’un droit à l’oubli numérique.
Afin de conclure cette première année de concertation et de consultation, la secrétaire d’Etat a réuni, ce jour, les représentants des réseaux sociaux, blogs, moteurs de recherche2, associations familiales et de protection de l’enfance3 autour de la signature d’une charte permettant à l’internaute de garder la maîtrise des données personnelles qu’il a publiées sur internet.

Les acteurs de l’Internet s’engagent à donner une traduction concrète aux principes de consentement, de droit à l’information et de droit d’opposition, prévus par la loi4. Parmi les dispositions les plus significatives et les plus attendues, on trouve la mise en place d’un « bureau des réclamations » virtuel et la facilitation de la suppression d’un compte, mesures plébiscitées respectivement par 92% et par 97% des internautes5. Quant aux moteurs de recherche, ils s’engagent à ne plus référencer des données qui ont fait l’objet d’une demande de suppression ou qui figurent dans des « espaces personnels » réservés.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What CAN (and SHOULD) you do in Belgium?

Still having troubles making your voice heard against Yatedo?
For our readers from Belgium, we have some good news. There is a special entity dedicated to support your privacy needs.
The Commission for the Protection of Privacy, better known as the Privacy Commission, is an independent authority ensuring the protection of privacy during the processing of personal data.
You can find more information about your rights and privacy laws in Belgium here:
There is an online form that you can fill in with your questions here:

Write to the Commission indicating the problems you have with Yatedo, how they are breaching privacy laws and your personal experience in interacting with them.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Yatedo's privacy policy

A legal privacy policy should indicate what personal data is collected and for what purposes.
Are you aware what information is Yatedo gathering about you? Don't worry it is not your fault that Yatedo does not really tell you!
Do not subscribe and act immediatelly by contacting the privacy authorities (see our posts)!

Here is an image of the page with the Yatedo privacy policy (with a little help from Google cache...) as we have been indicated that it is almost impossible to reach by the "normal" path...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Other fake or simply "naive" reviews on Yatedo

Well, well, well, this is great. We have found a blog that praise Yatedo in comparison with Facebook!
The funny thing is that they accuse Facebook of the lack of privacy and about stalking! While they sell Yatedo as the answer to this.. We don't have to explain you why this is ridiculous, right?
Yatedo si all around illegal publication, stalking, blackmailing, forcing registration and so on...

But read the article (we don't fear we can promote Yatedo, don't worry: we think we are all intelligent enough to understand the truth, once we have all the means to judge something):

Everyone knows the creepiness that Facebook brought to the online word in terms of cyber stalking.  All you need is a name and assuming your account has limited privacy, anyone can view most if not all of your information.  However, this form of stalking may soon end as a new form begins.  Enter Yatedo, a search engine to find anyone on the web.  On their main page they say the following about themselves:
Yatedo is the new generation free People Search Engine which lets you find and contact anyone on the entire web with any kind of information you have about the person you are looking for.
Now you will not have to have Facebook open when you are doing a school research project on Albert Einstein.  Instead just open Yatedo and search for both Einstein and your best friends.  I have requested an invite to this service, so I will see more of what it is like once I get one, but for now here is a screenshot of an info page.

Can you imagine?! This is Hilarious!

Here's our comment to this supposed review.. as we are not sure it will ever see the light...

Are you joking? So it would be Facebook that is creep? You must be kidding..
"All you need is a name and assuming your account has limited privacy, anyone can view most if not all of your information"
Facebook gives you the possibility to make your profile private whenever you want.. Yatedo? FORGET IT! THIS is real stalking!!!!
I am not sure who are you, but you should really investigate further before writing such reviews.. YATEDO IS BASED ON AN OUTDATED COPY OF LINKEDIN Profiles!! And they publish everything about yourself, even if this is no more public anywhere, not to mention the semantic errors when they associate copyrighted material to a person instead of another!! This is Illegal and YOU are promoting it??
On one thing you are right.. a NEW form of stalking wanted to come over.. an ILLEGAL one..
Think it twice.

Friday, October 8, 2010

YATEDO - a new unuseful, "going to die" service - DO NOT SUBSCRIBE

Why is Yatedo really unuseful and cannot survive without US, the people?
It's simple.
Yatedo is constructed like a fishing trap: they copied profiles from LinkedIn some years ago so they think you are going to subscribe in order to update your profile (by the way all this was done illegally, by private European citizens).

By subscribing you give them access to other information about yourself (you have to confirm who you are by giving them passwords to other accounts you have - usually LinkedIn, guess why? Because their profile about you is the stolen LinkedIn one). If you do so, they can steal more personal data and also your complete network (and steal data from your contacts). They do not have other ways to access your information (if you render it private), nor any 'magic' semantic engine to find information otherwise.

Their "services" are entirely based on your subscription and, ironically, on your own contribution! Thus, by not subscribing to their fraud services you are also contributing, in the long term, to closing them down naturally. Who wants an unuseful, outdated, invasive and disrespectful service?

DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO YATEDO! Tell this to all your connections to make sure your information is not accessed through their profiles.

On the contrary, in the case you wish to have your profile removed, follow the
instructions we have given in our other posts (such as contacting the official French privacy service).

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Close Yatedo - now available in all languages

Dear readers,
it is a matter of fact that when we talk about privacy and copyright no one can remain out of the question; it is too important for everyone to be defended for her/his own rights!
The Internet should be a place where new technologies and new ideas contribute to help people and construct something new, but always respecting some fundamental principles.
Who uses the Internet and Information Technology as a way to break these principles, and with a total disrespectful attitude, must be blocked and the entire community has to let these people know that they cannot ruin the Web with this acts and that they have to pay accordingly.
For this reason we have now introduced a new button in order for everyone to be able to read in her/his own mother tongue the important information of this blog.

Thanks for every single reader that believes in a new innovative world that still respects people and their rights.

Where to find more help

There are several associations at international level that are involved in data protection. Here is one that you can use as a source of information and also for requesting support:

Privacy International
Privacy International (PI) is a human rights group formed in 1990 as a watchdog on surveillance and privacy invasions by governments and corporations. PI is based in London, England, and has an office in Washington, D.C. We have campaigned across the world to protect people against intrusion by governments and corporations that seek to erode this fragile right. We believe that privacy forms part of the bedrock of freedoms, and our goal has always been to use every means to preserve it.
PI is an active organization involved in both direct actions (such as law suites) as well as policy level ones (such as political activism for privacy rights).

Contact details:
email: privacyint@privacy.org.
phone number: +44 (0)208.123.7933.

What can you do?Contact Privacy International and describe how your information was treated by Yatedo and ask them for action against it.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Denouncing and uniting works! Let's continue!

Remember the comments that were cancelled from the review on Yatedo by SAYYOUTOO?
Well, now they have not only republished the old comment from a reader, but they have also published ours!
Our fight will prevail and we will be victorious!
Join us in this fight for our rights and have Yatedo closed!

Don't subscribe to YATEDO!

We have already introduced some of the dangers lurking in a Yatedo subscription, and here is another one.
When subscribing, Yatedo requests you to indicate your passwords for other accounts, such as LinkedIn. The rational is to verify that you are the person claiming to be, thus that you can claim your Yatedo profile.
The fact is that providing them with your password gives them access to other information about yourself and the other persons that are connected with you.
For example, if there are persons in your LinkedIn network that do not have a public profile, but that give you access to their profile as you are connected, their information can also be accessed by Yatedo and rendered public.
So, if you still want to try to subscribe to Yatedo in order to cancel your profile, consider that you are not only exposing yourselfe to even more privacy breaches but you are also exposing the persons in your network!

Protect your information and your connections' information! Follow the legal way and write to the privacy regulators in order to have your information removed!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What CAN (and SHOULD) you do? Part2

Contact the French privacy commission: La Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL) either by their online forms (http://www.cnil.fr/) or by post at:
Service des plaintes
8, rue Vivienne
CS 30223
75083 Paris cedex 02

State that the entity breaching privacy laws (yatedo group) is allegedly French and describe how your rights are not respected (see all our published posts: e.g. they have stored your information on a persistent datatabase in an undisclosed lcoation without your consent, they have gathered this information while yatedo did not even exist, they are using the information for lucrative purposes (to promote their business), there is no security policy available to protect your data, you do not know if they are sharing this information with other third parties (as a matter of fact you gave permission to LinkedIn NOT Yatedo!), they rephuse to cancel the information from their databases even after asking them repeatedly to do it). Request them to act by checking Yatedo and deleting your profile from their database.
Also, try contacting your national Data Protection Agency and request their protection.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Pay attention to supposed-to-be-serious Reviews about Yatedo

Our group, based on the information we are making people aware of, has tried to comment a review on Yatedo that was done on December 2009.
This review is awkward, as it praises the idea about having dossiers on private people, but does not mention anything about accuracy of hte gathered data or the legal aspects of the way this is done (and that we have explained in the previous posts).

Well, there was already a comment from one Guest (and for sure it was not us!) and we were waiting for ours to be accepted (we did not use any improper or offensive language)...

Do you want a proof? Easy!
Thanks to the google cached pages, here's the article with still the comment from a reader in it:

and here's how the Article looks today:

Understood? So think about who really wrote this review! Is it normal to censor proper comments like this?
Funny thing that a website called SAYYOUTOO is doing such things!... It's like "Say you too, but only if this pleases us or our customers". Hypocrite!

For the sake of everyone, as we want the truth to win over this incredible fraud, we also report a screenshot of the comment from the original page (in the case also the cached page should disappear in some days).


Professional opinions about Yatedo

Privacy professionals are supporting us with information and opinions about Yatedo. Answering our question "How can you protect your privacy from third party data aggregators?", Geregory McHugh, Assistant Director at Medicare Australia, points out the complexity of the issue.
Looking at the Yatedo site it can be seen that the entity operates from France, Belgium, China and an International site. This creates a problem in determining in which legal jurisdiction this entity operates and which Privacy Law (if any!) applies to its operations. The law needs to catch up on these extra jurisdictional issues. I think tighter national control of domain names is necessary. I believe irrespective of the nation the entity exists it must comply with the laws of the nation in which the domain name is registered. The next challenge is the development of an accepted international definition for personal information and laws restricting it's collection. As a profession we must push for these for these changes and the Yatedo site is an example of why this is necessary. Gregory McHugh 
The observation is a good one and underlines the need for International legislation and actions. Nevertheless, contacting the European privacy protection bodies should help out for the Yatedo issue as they are supposed to be a French enterprise (thus should be compliant with the European legislation).

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Yatedo is a farce

The so called Yatedo, a supposed "free people search engine which helps you find and contact anybody throughout the web" IS A FARCE.

Differently from other legal and working Data aggregators and Search engines that actually scan the Internet looking for information about someone, this fraud http://www.yatedo.fr/ is nothing else that a query on their ILLEGAL DATABASE, built up around 2008/2009 by an illegal scan of the Web by the private european citizens we talked you about in the previous posts.

This means that if you hope to find anything currently relevant on the Web by the use of this illegal service, you are completely wrong.
All you do is looking for information on their illegal and illegally maintained database. The only way this bunch of guys have to make this crap really work is for you to subscribe to their illegal database and give them the passwords to your accounts.
So, as any fraud, they pretend they are able to do marvellous things, but the reality is that they put OLD information on You on purpose, so you will subscribe and help them realize what they cannot really do!


YATEDO IS ILLEGAL: Another proof

As we mentioned, there are many other sites that aggregates Your information around the Internet, some of which actually invented this idea of the reputation you have around and, eventually, you can pay them to take care of it for you (the illegal French Yatedo team of guys is practically stealing the idea of the most famous http://www.yasni.com/).

The fact is that these legal websites report ONLY links to existing information on the Internet and allow you to delete these links if they are not anymore available online, even without subscribing to their website. Why is it so? Simply because these professionals don't even keep track of those links if they are not up to date. So, whoever you are (even not the person referred by the links), it is your right to tell them this information is not anymore updated.
If, on the contrary, you are the real person referred by the links and you desire them to take care about your reputation over the internet, then you can subscribe and, eventually, pay a fee for their services.
In this case, what these websites are doing is perfectly legal as they are just referencing something is already out there and they keep them up to date or let anyone do it .

On the contrary, as we mentioned, this illegal http://www.yatedo.fr/ website is basing on snapshots of information that was taken around 2008/2009 (probably from some country where there are discussable laws, such as China, and probably using the servers of some University) and it has not been updated since then. In this sense they COPIED the information available on the Internet At THAT time and stored it apart, EVEN BEFORE anyone knew about their existence or the Yatedo website existed.

These guys pretend to do exactly what the other websites we cited affirm to do, but IT'S NOT TRUE. As a matter of fact, when whatever informtion is COPIED on another physical support (on some database, on some hard disk located in a NOT DISCLOSED location), you actually create a NEW SOURCE of information YOU HAVE NO CONTROL AT ALL ABOUT.
We don't have to explain you how much illegal is this and which problems can create, such as your current employer that does not want your profile to be public, or you don't want some part of your private life of the past be sponsorized, etc.

Still some doubts? Ok, this is really easy to check and prove: if you use any of the other websites for personal data aggregation, as we said you will have these links to informationt that is public on the internet and to which, to some extent, YOU have the control.
So, ONLY LINKS, no real information stored apart.
UNFORTUNATELY YATEDO WILL BE PART OF THIS REFERENCED INFORMATION. Yes, exactly! This means that this service (the legal one) will tell you that they cannot do anything about it, as the information is still out there.

And here comes the TOTALLY ILLEGAL part: You won't be able to delete YOUR not up to date and probably FALSE information (because of BAD SEMANTIC SEARCH ENGINE) from Yatedo unless you subscribe to their services and you give them ALL the passwords to your accounts to prove it is really you.

Subscribing to their illegal website would thoretically remain THE ONLY WAY (IF ACTUALLY WORKING) to take back control of your data. WHY IS IT SO? Because even if you delete the SOURCE of the information THEY COPIED, NOTHING WILL CHANGE.



On the contrary continue to contact the European Data Protection Supervisor.

In fact, whatever subtle plan these guys have, they ARE European citizens and they have some of their domains registered in Euope (like the main one www.yatedo.fr).
Moreover we are quite sure that, actually, NO REAL YATEDO COMPANY EXISTS.

This means that these guys will be PERSONALLY responsible in Europe for these acts and will pay accordingly.

Friday, October 1, 2010

What CAN (and SHOULD) you do?

Concerned about the way Yatedo is treating your data?
One action that you can do is contacting the European Data Protection Supervisor. Don't forget to mention the laws that Yatedo is not respecting (see our posts) and your personal experience with them.

Mail address:
European Data Protection Supervisor
Rue Wiertz, 60
B - 1047 Bruxelles/Brussel

Office: rue Montoyer, 63, 6th floor
Tel: + 32-2-283.19.00              
+ 32-2-283.19.00
Fax: + 32-2-283.19.50
Website: http://www.edps.europa.eu/
E-mail: edps@edps.europa.eu

More information about European Data protection can be found here.

Another action that can be taken is to let the domain registrar (the company that is providing Yatedo with its online domain) know that Yatedo is breaking privacy law. It is enough to make them aware through the dedicated points of contact or forms.
Here are some points of contact for OVH, Yatedo's registrar:

For France - a form needs to be send:

For Italy, more information can be found here:
while the email where to write is: supporto@ovh.it

For Germany, write at: kundendienst@ovh.de

OVH is present in many countries, check your local site for more information (http://www.ovh.com/).
You need to mention in your email or complaint form that Yatedo is breaking your privacy (and your copyright where appropriate).
OVH will have to close down the website if it does not want to be involved in this law infringment.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Privacy Laws that Yatedo is breaking

Excerpt from this law:
Article 6
1. Member States shall provide that personal data must be:
(a) processed fairly and lawfully;
(b) collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and not further processed in a way incompatible with those purposes. Further processing of data for historical, statistical or scientific purposes shall not be considered as incompatible provided that Member States provide appropriate safeguards;
(c) adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the purposes for which they are collected and/or further processed;
(d) accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date; every reasonable step must be taken to ensure that data which are inaccurate or incomplete, having regard to the purposes for which they were collected or for which they are further processed, are erased or rectified;
(e) kept in a form which permits identification of data subjects for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the data were collected or for which they are further processed. (...)

What Yatedo is doing: collecting information for not explicit purposes and also not legitimate (as they use it for their own gain). The data is excessive, not adequate or relevant. The data is not accurate and it is not updated correctly. It renders all the information public without even checking if it is really pertinent to the person.

Some other sections that Yatedo is not respecting:

Monday, September 27, 2010

Yatedo is breaking European privacy laws!

Yatedo is breaking European privacy laws! Do not let them steal your information and make a profit on it as it is illegal!
Here is some information about the privacy regulation:
The seven principles governing the OECD’s recommendations for protection of personal data were:
1. Notice—data subjects should be given notice when their data is being collected;
2. Purpose—data should only be used for the purpose stated and not for any other purposes;
3. Consent—data should not be disclosed without the data subject’s consent;
4. Security—collected data should be kept secure from any potential abuses;
5. Disclosure—data subjects should be informed as to who is collecting their data;
6. Access—data subjects should be allowed to access their data and make corrections to any inaccurate data; and
7. Accountability—data subjects should have a method available to them to hold data collectors accountable for following the above principles.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Yatedo: do not subscribe!

ATTENTION: do not subscribe to Yatedo hoping to be able to cancel your "profile", what happens is that they are asking for your passwords of other accounts and steal even more information from you!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Yatedo: re-invention of the wheel + extorsion

For years http://www.123people.com/ has implemented the same idea of business with four main differences:

1. The site really works
2. It respects the laws (for example if your profile is no longer public, they do not show it anymore)
3. They are not hoping to make a profit by blackmail or extorsion
4. They don't store YOUR information on a separate database: Yatedo, differently from the other aggregator services, takes a snapshot of information in time and store it apart! That's why you will find information that is NO LONGER on the internet: THIS IS ILLEGAL!
They store your information WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT and without any assurance on security! Any third party could access YOUR information!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Contact Yatedo's CEO & "Employees"

Have fun finding out which person is Yatedo's CEO (Amyne Berrada).


This is his picture

Fancy getting in touch for a personal feedback?

mailto:amyne.berrada@yatedo.com or  amyne.berrada@me.com or amyne@mcm.net

The Moroccan Yankee eager to make money in Europe by an illicit IT business on YOUR life

You can also give a feedback here, on his previous business website (of course you won't find any personal information anymore and he also closed his own website http://www.amyneberrada.com/)

Do you want to play PRO Evolution Soccer with you favourite CEO?

26 rue du grand st jean
montpellier, 34000
yatedo.com, office #962756
c/o OwO, BP80157
59053, Roubaix Cedex 1

Adrien Risser - co-founder and Director of Innovation

Mobile phone:

zniber saad - partner....
This guy is a Linux "expert"...

Of course he has deleted his own website as well (http://znibersaad.com/) and his previosu business website (http://www.blogger.com/go.php?id=8176, open on 19-01-2007 and now closed), as he perfectly knows, like his fellow CEO, what their real business is and how annoying can be to have all your private information available to anyone.

Doulcet Pierre-Loic - supposed developer
This guy promotes himself as a developer for Yatedo, unfortunately he is in no Yatedo payroll.. well, you know how it works in this kind of things, right? ;-)
Anyway, he should know some Java, he has studied in China, he is interested in the social relation strategies ;-), so if you want to contact him: doulcet@gmail.com

If you want to discuss about Yatedo with him, he is really an open guy:
, pxdraw@gmail.comù
7, rue michel peter
paris 75013
it seems he previously worked for ISART Digital as a stagiarie (not that now he has any official employment record..) but he just finalized his studies in Informatics.

aurélien de palma - VP of technical operations
This guys is still studying (he has still to pass the English exam...) but seems he's also a professor (??) at the European Institute of Technology (the same as the supposed developer or, developeur...).

As a matter of fact, all these guys went to China, officially to study... They actually are interested on how the Communist and totalitarian Chinese government is blocking Google and how to exploit these strategies to enter the search engine market and take a piece of the cake of the "controlling your life" new era business.

DISCLAIMER - We assure that all gathered information is publicely available on the Internet and we are 100% complaint with Yatedo policy (and intentions). Until Yatedo will be left open, we will continue publishing all possible information of these famous people.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The truth about Yatedo's intentions

Why Yatedo is stealing your information and keep it on a database of their own? What they get from having it? Well, if you are asking yourself these questions, you might need a hint directly from them!

Yatedo declared to CNN at the LeWeb Conference in Paris:

Most people have been guilty of "ego-surfing" -- entering their own name into Google -- but Yatedo takes this one step further compiling an online dossier about anyone from all available information on the Internet. Its creators hope corporate customers will pay for this "image monitoring service" to ensure no one is posting unpleasant things about them.

So their public business strategy is blackmail and extorsion!

Protect yourself! Let's unite and make them respect the privacy and copyright laws!!!

Follow us on twitter, facebook and linkedin: Close_Yatedo

Friday, September 10, 2010

Want to contact YATEDO?

The European Law states that each enterprise that sets up a site has to publish their contact information on the site. This means that they need to present their phone numbers, fax numbers and address in order for you to be able to check who they are and contact them if needed.

Well, Yatedo only offers you an anonymous email where it can be contacted. So we think it is our right to know more about who is Yatedo, and if you need to contact them to let them know your opinion about how your personal information is treated just go ahead.

http://www.yatedo.fr/, http://www.yatedo.com/ (when working)
ER CHEMINOT LR Berrada Amyne
26 rue du grand st jean
montpellier, 34000
yatedo.com, office #962756
c/o OwO, BP80157
59053, Roubaix Cedex 1

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Yatedo is stealing your information

YATEDO is a site that aggregates all the information it finds online about you and makes it public. And this is wrong for a number of reasons, including legal aspects.
If you have a profile on linkedin, facebook, twitter and so on, all the information is copied and republished on Yatedo. If you have a blog, or ever had a blog, a web site, or published anything on the Internet, you have a good chance to see it on Yatedo.
This is a problem as even if you set your profile not pubblic on the other sites, Yatedo will still keep it public on their side. Furthermore, if you update your information on linkedin, for example, this information is not going to be updated on Yatedo.

International privacy agreements and laws (such as the European Community privacy law) are concerned with exactly this: you should know what happens to your information, where it goes, who gets to see it, what they do with it, etc. These concerns are deep rooted in the tremendous history of WWII when such leaks of information were used to commit incredible crimes.
Moreover, the text you publish online, as any other text you publish in print, is protected by copyright laws. Even if it can be used by others online, it can not be used for making a profit on it without your consent. But isn't this what Yatedo does? By making a compilation of all your posts or texts and making them public, they are raising profits out of materials you ahve created.

Thus not only Yatedo is breaking privacy laws by not allowing you to control your personal information, they are even making a profit by not respecting your copyright rights!

The outrageus thing is that, even after requesting Yatedo to delete your profile, they are not doing it. The site works so badly (not to insinuate other consipiracy theories...) that one is not able to subscribe and delete their own profile!

What can one do then? For one thing, let's unite forces and request to close the site down!

You can follow our protest on twitter, facebook and linkedin, you can find us as Close_Yatedo.

The Close Yatedo Group