Monday, September 20, 2010

Contact Yatedo's CEO & "Employees"

Have fun finding out which person is Yatedo's CEO (Amyne Berrada).

This is his picture

Fancy getting in touch for a personal feedback?
;) or or

The Moroccan Yankee eager to make money in Europe by an illicit IT business on YOUR life

You can also give a feedback here, on his previous business website (of course you won't find any personal information anymore and he also closed his own website

Do you want to play PRO Evolution Soccer with you favourite CEO?

26 rue du grand st jean
montpellier, 34000
+33.467060390, office #962756
c/o OwO, BP80157
59053, Roubaix Cedex 1

Adrien Risser - co-founder and Director of Innovation

Mobile phone:

zniber saad - partner....
This guy is a Linux "expert"...

Of course he has deleted his own website as well ( and his previosu business website (, open on 19-01-2007 and now closed), as he perfectly knows, like his fellow CEO, what their real business is and how annoying can be to have all your private information available to anyone.

Doulcet Pierre-Loic - supposed developer
This guy promotes himself as a developer for Yatedo, unfortunately he is in no Yatedo payroll.. well, you know how it works in this kind of things, right? ;-)
Anyway, he should know some Java, he has studied in China, he is interested in the social relation strategies ;-), so if you want to contact him:

If you want to discuss about Yatedo with him, he is really an open guy:
, pxdraw@gmail.comù
7, rue michel peter
paris 75013
it seems he previously worked for ISART Digital as a stagiarie (not that now he has any official employment record..) but he just finalized his studies in Informatics.

aurélien de palma - VP of technical operations
This guys is still studying (he has still to pass the English exam...) but seems he's also a professor (??) at the European Institute of Technology (the same as the supposed developer or, developeur...).

As a matter of fact, all these guys went to China, officially to study... They actually are interested on how the Communist and totalitarian Chinese government is blocking Google and how to exploit these strategies to enter the search engine market and take a piece of the cake of the "controlling your life" new era business.

DISCLAIMER - We assure that all gathered information is publicely available on the Internet and we are 100% complaint with Yatedo policy (and intentions). Until Yatedo will be left open, we will continue publishing all possible information of these famous people.

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