Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Yatedo is stealing your information

YATEDO is a site that aggregates all the information it finds online about you and makes it public. And this is wrong for a number of reasons, including legal aspects.
If you have a profile on linkedin, facebook, twitter and so on, all the information is copied and republished on Yatedo. If you have a blog, or ever had a blog, a web site, or published anything on the Internet, you have a good chance to see it on Yatedo.
This is a problem as even if you set your profile not pubblic on the other sites, Yatedo will still keep it public on their side. Furthermore, if you update your information on linkedin, for example, this information is not going to be updated on Yatedo.

International privacy agreements and laws (such as the European Community privacy law) are concerned with exactly this: you should know what happens to your information, where it goes, who gets to see it, what they do with it, etc. These concerns are deep rooted in the tremendous history of WWII when such leaks of information were used to commit incredible crimes.
Moreover, the text you publish online, as any other text you publish in print, is protected by copyright laws. Even if it can be used by others online, it can not be used for making a profit on it without your consent. But isn't this what Yatedo does? By making a compilation of all your posts or texts and making them public, they are raising profits out of materials you ahve created.

Thus not only Yatedo is breaking privacy laws by not allowing you to control your personal information, they are even making a profit by not respecting your copyright rights!

The outrageus thing is that, even after requesting Yatedo to delete your profile, they are not doing it. The site works so badly (not to insinuate other consipiracy theories...) that one is not able to subscribe and delete their own profile!

What can one do then? For one thing, let's unite forces and request to close the site down!

You can follow our protest on twitter, facebook and linkedin, you can find us as Close_Yatedo.

The Close Yatedo Group

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