Monday, September 27, 2010

Yatedo is breaking European privacy laws!

Yatedo is breaking European privacy laws! Do not let them steal your information and make a profit on it as it is illegal!
Here is some information about the privacy regulation:
The seven principles governing the OECD’s recommendations for protection of personal data were:
1. Notice—data subjects should be given notice when their data is being collected;
2. Purpose—data should only be used for the purpose stated and not for any other purposes;
3. Consent—data should not be disclosed without the data subject’s consent;
4. Security—collected data should be kept secure from any potential abuses;
5. Disclosure—data subjects should be informed as to who is collecting their data;
6. Access—data subjects should be allowed to access their data and make corrections to any inaccurate data; and
7. Accountability—data subjects should have a method available to them to hold data collectors accountable for following the above principles.

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