Thursday, October 7, 2010

Close Yatedo - now available in all languages

Dear readers,
it is a matter of fact that when we talk about privacy and copyright no one can remain out of the question; it is too important for everyone to be defended for her/his own rights!
The Internet should be a place where new technologies and new ideas contribute to help people and construct something new, but always respecting some fundamental principles.
Who uses the Internet and Information Technology as a way to break these principles, and with a total disrespectful attitude, must be blocked and the entire community has to let these people know that they cannot ruin the Web with this acts and that they have to pay accordingly.
For this reason we have now introduced a new button in order for everyone to be able to read in her/his own mother tongue the important information of this blog.

Thanks for every single reader that believes in a new innovative world that still respects people and their rights.

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