Monday, October 4, 2010

Professional opinions about Yatedo

Privacy professionals are supporting us with information and opinions about Yatedo. Answering our question "How can you protect your privacy from third party data aggregators?", Geregory McHugh, Assistant Director at Medicare Australia, points out the complexity of the issue.
Looking at the Yatedo site it can be seen that the entity operates from France, Belgium, China and an International site. This creates a problem in determining in which legal jurisdiction this entity operates and which Privacy Law (if any!) applies to its operations. The law needs to catch up on these extra jurisdictional issues. I think tighter national control of domain names is necessary. I believe irrespective of the nation the entity exists it must comply with the laws of the nation in which the domain name is registered. The next challenge is the development of an accepted international definition for personal information and laws restricting it's collection. As a profession we must push for these for these changes and the Yatedo site is an example of why this is necessary. Gregory McHugh 
The observation is a good one and underlines the need for International legislation and actions. Nevertheless, contacting the European privacy protection bodies should help out for the Yatedo issue as they are supposed to be a French enterprise (thus should be compliant with the European legislation).

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