Saturday, October 9, 2010

Other fake or simply "naive" reviews on Yatedo

Well, well, well, this is great. We have found a blog that praise Yatedo in comparison with Facebook!
The funny thing is that they accuse Facebook of the lack of privacy and about stalking! While they sell Yatedo as the answer to this.. We don't have to explain you why this is ridiculous, right?
Yatedo si all around illegal publication, stalking, blackmailing, forcing registration and so on...

But read the article (we don't fear we can promote Yatedo, don't worry: we think we are all intelligent enough to understand the truth, once we have all the means to judge something):

Everyone knows the creepiness that Facebook brought to the online word in terms of cyber stalking.  All you need is a name and assuming your account has limited privacy, anyone can view most if not all of your information.  However, this form of stalking may soon end as a new form begins.  Enter Yatedo, a search engine to find anyone on the web.  On their main page they say the following about themselves:
Yatedo is the new generation free People Search Engine which lets you find and contact anyone on the entire web with any kind of information you have about the person you are looking for.
Now you will not have to have Facebook open when you are doing a school research project on Albert Einstein.  Instead just open Yatedo and search for both Einstein and your best friends.  I have requested an invite to this service, so I will see more of what it is like once I get one, but for now here is a screenshot of an info page.

Can you imagine?! This is Hilarious!

Here's our comment to this supposed review.. as we are not sure it will ever see the light...

Are you joking? So it would be Facebook that is creep? You must be kidding..
"All you need is a name and assuming your account has limited privacy, anyone can view most if not all of your information"
Facebook gives you the possibility to make your profile private whenever you want.. Yatedo? FORGET IT! THIS is real stalking!!!!
I am not sure who are you, but you should really investigate further before writing such reviews.. YATEDO IS BASED ON AN OUTDATED COPY OF LINKEDIN Profiles!! And they publish everything about yourself, even if this is no more public anywhere, not to mention the semantic errors when they associate copyrighted material to a person instead of another!! This is Illegal and YOU are promoting it??
On one thing you are right.. a NEW form of stalking wanted to come over.. an ILLEGAL one..
Think it twice.

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