Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Don't subscribe to YATEDO!

We have already introduced some of the dangers lurking in a Yatedo subscription, and here is another one.
When subscribing, Yatedo requests you to indicate your passwords for other accounts, such as LinkedIn. The rational is to verify that you are the person claiming to be, thus that you can claim your Yatedo profile.
The fact is that providing them with your password gives them access to other information about yourself and the other persons that are connected with you.
For example, if there are persons in your LinkedIn network that do not have a public profile, but that give you access to their profile as you are connected, their information can also be accessed by Yatedo and rendered public.
So, if you still want to try to subscribe to Yatedo in order to cancel your profile, consider that you are not only exposing yourselfe to even more privacy breaches but you are also exposing the persons in your network!

Protect your information and your connections' information! Follow the legal way and write to the privacy regulators in order to have your information removed!

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