Friday, October 8, 2010

YATEDO - a new unuseful, "going to die" service - DO NOT SUBSCRIBE

Why is Yatedo really unuseful and cannot survive without US, the people?
It's simple.
Yatedo is constructed like a fishing trap: they copied profiles from LinkedIn some years ago so they think you are going to subscribe in order to update your profile (by the way all this was done illegally, by private European citizens).

By subscribing you give them access to other information about yourself (you have to confirm who you are by giving them passwords to other accounts you have - usually LinkedIn, guess why? Because their profile about you is the stolen LinkedIn one). If you do so, they can steal more personal data and also your complete network (and steal data from your contacts). They do not have other ways to access your information (if you render it private), nor any 'magic' semantic engine to find information otherwise.

Their "services" are entirely based on your subscription and, ironically, on your own contribution! Thus, by not subscribing to their fraud services you are also contributing, in the long term, to closing them down naturally. Who wants an unuseful, outdated, invasive and disrespectful service?

DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO YATEDO! Tell this to all your connections to make sure your information is not accessed through their profiles.

On the contrary, in the case you wish to have your profile removed, follow the
instructions we have given in our other posts (such as contacting the official French privacy service).

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