Friday, October 1, 2010

What CAN (and SHOULD) you do?

Concerned about the way Yatedo is treating your data?
One action that you can do is contacting the European Data Protection Supervisor. Don't forget to mention the laws that Yatedo is not respecting (see our posts) and your personal experience with them.

Mail address:
European Data Protection Supervisor
Rue Wiertz, 60
B - 1047 Bruxelles/Brussel

Office: rue Montoyer, 63, 6th floor
Tel: + 32-2-283.19.00              
+ 32-2-283.19.00
Fax: + 32-2-283.19.50

More information about European Data protection can be found here.

Another action that can be taken is to let the domain registrar (the company that is providing Yatedo with its online domain) know that Yatedo is breaking privacy law. It is enough to make them aware through the dedicated points of contact or forms.
Here are some points of contact for OVH, Yatedo's registrar:

For France - a form needs to be send:

For Italy, more information can be found here:
while the email where to write is:

For Germany, write at:

OVH is present in many countries, check your local site for more information (
You need to mention in your email or complaint form that Yatedo is breaking your privacy (and your copyright where appropriate).
OVH will have to close down the website if it does not want to be involved in this law infringment.

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