Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yatedo is illegal even as mere search engine!

Probably Yatedo is not even aware, but there are specific laws and regulations that apply to Search Engines. In fact, the European Commission have established since 2008 "a clear set of responsibilities" on search engine companies regarding their handling of user data. The opinion, issued by the Article 29 Working Group, states that the European Union Data Protection Directive requires search engines to "delete or irreversibly anonymise personal data once they no longer serve the specified and legitimate purpose" for which they were collected. The opinion further holds that European privacy laws generally apply to search engines "even when their headquarters are outside [Europe]," and requires that search engines must delete personal data within six months of collection.

Yatedo is breaching these rules: they are saving personal data without anonymisation and they do not even think of deleting it within six months! They have gathered your information without your consent and if you check the information out you will notice that it has been gathered over an year ago. So they are not respecting even this laws!
Yatedo is illegal!
Do not subscribe if you want to preserve your privacy and that of your network!
Write today to the national and international bodies that can protect you Let's close Yatedo down!

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