Monday, October 4, 2010

Pay attention to supposed-to-be-serious Reviews about Yatedo

Our group, based on the information we are making people aware of, has tried to comment a review on Yatedo that was done on December 2009.
This review is awkward, as it praises the idea about having dossiers on private people, but does not mention anything about accuracy of hte gathered data or the legal aspects of the way this is done (and that we have explained in the previous posts).

Well, there was already a comment from one Guest (and for sure it was not us!) and we were waiting for ours to be accepted (we did not use any improper or offensive language)...

Do you want a proof? Easy!
Thanks to the google cached pages, here's the article with still the comment from a reader in it:

and here's how the Article looks today:

Understood? So think about who really wrote this review! Is it normal to censor proper comments like this?
Funny thing that a website called SAYYOUTOO is doing such things!... It's like "Say you too, but only if this pleases us or our customers". Hypocrite!

For the sake of everyone, as we want the truth to win over this incredible fraud, we also report a screenshot of the comment from the original page (in the case also the cached page should disappear in some days).


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