Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yatedo's copyright breach

A new debate is forming in the USA regarding online copyrights. In brief, the discussion focuses on the right of having links to news articles posted outside the original website, especially on blogs (more details about the facts can be found here). It seems that the original copyrights' owners can oblige the bloggers to pay a settlement or confront them in court.
The practice of suing bloggers has been condemned by Democratic Underground that decided to fight against it with the help of Electronic Frontier Foundation. The matter is not yet settled, but we are curious how it will turn out.
Although we consider that posting links is not against the copyrights of the authors (as it might increase the traffic to the original article), what really is a copyright breach is copying the articles, saving them outside the reach of the author and presenting them publicly. And this is just what Yatedo is doing. If you have a blog or have writen online articles, check out your Yatedo profile to see if they are presenting these articles.
Often they have copied the materials found online and re-published them on their site. This is an outrageous breach of copyright and would give you (the author of the texts) the right to pursue charges legally against Yatedo. If you find your articles on Yatedo and you do not want to have them there, write to Yatedo requesting removal and indicating that their practices are against the law.

Check out your Yatedo profile but DO NOT SUBSCRIBE! As already indicated in several of our posts, when subscribing Yatedo they request other passwords from you in order to "verify" that you are the person you claim you are. The fact is that they get access to even more of your information and even information from your network!
By not subscribing, you do not allow them to update their information and extend their database, thus, in time, it will become obsolete.

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